Tuesday, December 2, 2008

About Life

"One only lives as long as one breathes." Human beings do not have the ability to control the length of their own lives, nor can they prevent their own deaths. Since this life is impermanent, we should cherish it, use it, and enrich it. Let the goodness, beauty and truth of his inconstant, precious life illuminate the true value of life. - Master Cheng Yen from Tzu Chi.

Lately in the news over in Singapore, there are reports about a young lawyer being killed by terrorist in India. One hundred over people from different countries also were killed. Follow on after the killing, there are articles about how to handle such situation when there is another breakout, how to prevent from being killed and so on. Talking about the true value of life, I can think of 3 kinds of human being :
1. One who save lifes
2. One who just live their life, just make sure he enjoys and survive each day (there is nothing wrong with it)
3. One who take away others life with or without reason
A good example of the first kind of human beings are doctors. Other than doctors, there are also life-savers. People who go for mission trip when there is a disater to save people. I tend to think majority of people belong to the 2nd type above. These people just eat, work, sleep, relax, take care of their family, read newspaper and maybe exercise. These people are perfectly alright to have them, they contribute to population grow and to the society. The last type of people are the worst, I find that this kind of people lack moral education, no compassion, no wisdom and I think a lot has to do with the person mind. To me, these are human beings but not being human.
Fundamental rule of Treat Others As How You Would Want To Be Treated is still the rule I think it is easy to remember and all should follow. The end results is utopia, otherwise, it will be oblivion.

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