Sunday, November 30, 2008

Important Advise for Travelling Overseas

Important Advice When Travelling Overseas

Most of us has travelled abroard. Be it to neighbouring country by car or by air overseas. One of the important advise I like to share when going overseas is not to bring your whole wallet.

What I normally do when I go to Malaysia is to take out my spare wallet which is empty and put in some Singapore dollars and Malaysia ringits. Reason is very simple, one of my friend once lost his wallet when we were in KL, Malaysia. In his wallet, he has 3 credit cards, driving licence, IC, country club membership cards, etc. Money to me is the least important if lost. My friend lost all his cards and money where most of the cards and even IC are not needed when in Malaysia.

So to play safe, I only bring my passport and money with me whenever I go overseas.

Happy travelling.

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