Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ideal Life


Have you ever wonder what is the kind of life you want and what is the kind of life which is ideal for most people ?

In my perspective I think if one who has a lot of time and money, that will be ideal. First, why I say time ? With a lot of time, the person can choose to do want he like to do. Be it travel overseas for holiday or even doing nothing but just relax. Second, why I say money ? With a lot of money, then the person can choose to go to where he/she wants to go and enjoy what he/she like to has, be it food, house, car, etc.

Having said that, we should not forget that health is also important. It is no use if one has a lot of time and money but cannot do what he/she wants to do. But if one has the time and money, the person can exercises regularly and take in enough nutrition, then health should not be a problem based of the law of cause and effect.

Everyone has to leave this world one day. Everyone also hope to leave in a peaceful way. How to achieve that ? If one believed in the international law of karma, then one will not spend time doing useless things of worst bad things, but doing good things such as helping others in need.
How to have time and money ? There is no one answer to this question. Again, based on the cause & effect law, if having lot of time and money is the effect, then the cause is doing something. What is this something ? For money, maybe one has to earn it himself/herself. Unless one has a lot of good merits from the past, then the person may be able to inherit the wealth or money from someone.

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