Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Apex Home Hosting 2008

Apex Club of Singapore - City has this Youth Exchange Program with Apex Club of Western Australia to promote international understanding and friendship.

Under this program, one Club will select 2 students from their country and send them to the other Club for about 4 weeks. The following year, the other Club will do the same. This year, our Club received 2 students from Western Australia. Next year, we will send 2 students from Singapore over.

The 2 students that came over to Singapore on 25 Nov 08 are Leigh (left) and Cassandra (right). They were here for 3 weeks and one week in Malaysia.

I would like to thank Chin Sin & Ruby and Mathavan from Singapore and David Chitty and Dr V. Mohanadas from Apex Malaysia who have helped in the hosting and co-ordinating of home-hosting for these 2 students.

On 30 Nov 08, I took the 2 students to Southern Ridges. After the walk, I took them to SAFRA Mount Faber for breakfast at Ah Koon Coffeeshop.

On 6 Dec 08, we brought the students to our usual food distribution to the poor at Blk 105, Jln Bukit Merah.

I took over the hosting from 14 Dec 08, Sunday. On 15 Dec 08, I brought them to Singapore Botanic Gardens. There was slight rain in the morning but that did not stop us from going there. There is discount for students to the National Orchid Garden. Students just need to produce their student card, they can be from any country.

In the afternoon, I took them to the Chinese Garden for a walk and photo-taking.

On 22 Dec 08, I drove them to the Budget Terminal (BT) to catch the Tiger Airway back to Perth. Another 2 students from Temasek Poly also came to send them off at the airport.

Back in Perth at the airport, you can see how happy they are after being away for 4 weeks. I must also thank Peter Constable for making the arrangements for them to come over.
If you ask me why do I help to host the students and do I gain anything ? My answer is very simple, I do not hope to gain anything but I do hope to bring some happiness to other people.
The more we help and give, the more blessings and rewards we will receive - it will only work when the help is done with a PURE MOTIVATION.

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