Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cross With Care


Sometimes simple words can big a difference if you do not follow. What do I mean ? Whenever you need to cross any roads, you need to cross with care. Read on and you will know what I meant, especially for parents.
Traffic Lights

First, I like to share about crossing at traffic light junction. One Saturday morning, my wife was crossing a road with traffic lights near the market. The "Green Man" appeared, the first car stopped before the traffic lights, it should be safe to cross now. Fortunately, my wife make an effort to check for on-coming traffic just to be sure, there was a cyclist on bicycle did not stop before the red light. He just ride pass the red traffic light. If my wife did not wait and check, she would has been hit by this cyclist. As you can see, how important it is for you to check and make sure it is safe before you cross. A lot of time, it is not the fault of the pedestrain, the pedestrain thinks he has the right of way. But if the other party, eg driver, makes a mistake, who is to suffer more. Some drivers may be rushing for time and forget above safety of others. They dashed across the traffic lights when it just turn red. If the pedestrain is also rushing and dash across the road the moment the Green Man appears, it is very dangerous. That is why, at the traffic light, it is written : Green Man, Cross With Care.


Next, I like to share about crossing the raod at any zebra-crossing. A lot of time, pedestrain just cross at the zebra-crossing without looking for on-coming vehicles. When the zebra-crossing is at a bend, we need to be even more careful especially at night.
We must always remember to check and ensure it is alsolutely safe before we cross the road. This will help to prevent accident from happening.
Never Use Your Handphone When Crossing The Road

A lot of times, we see people using their handphone while walking beside the road. This is still ok. But if someone needs to cross the road, he/she better put away the handphone and focus he/her attention on crossing the road with care, be it at traffic lights or at a zebra-crossing. This is because the person may forget to check for on-coming traffic or cyclists who may not stop for him/her to cross. As a result, accident can also happen.

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