Monday, February 4, 2008

Should We Know Each Other ?

This is where I live in Singapore.

We only have 36 units within our enclosed private apartments. We also have our own private pool and BBQ pit for us to use. I must say I know more than half the population living in this apartment as I am here since year 2000 and I like to get to know more people each day.

Every time during festive seasons, we will have a poolside gathering for the residents. It is a good time for residents to get to know each other. And every year we have residents moving in and out of the apartments. So we get to new faces. Some are tenants, so they usually stay here for one or two years and some will stay shorter and some longer than 2 years. Rental rate is flunctuating so tenants normally do not stay here for long.

I am not one of the MC member this term and we do not have any gathering for residents so far in the new term (Jul 07 - Jun 08). We usaually celebrate mid-autumn festival, Christmas and Chinese New Year in the past at the poolside. About 2 weeks ago, I asked one of our council member whether there is a gathering for residents in this coming Chinese New Year. Guess what I received ? The answer is below :

From: council member [mailto:council]
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 1:44 PM
To: Yeo Chao Loy

Cc: council members

Subject: Social Gathering Function


For your information, council has decided not to have social gathering function organised in this council year.
Note: From past experiences, these functions are mostly attended by "regulars", a minority of the Hillview Apartments residents' population.

Instead, we would focus our attention to what most residents want, that is good upkeep of common property.
We plan to have a "spring cleaning" of common property before this CNY.
The works in brief will include dusting of cobwebs in every floor, polishing of lifts and floor, cleaning of rubbish chute doors, general improvement in landscaping inside and outside of building.


Council Member

My thoughts are :

It is quite disheartening to receive the above e-mail. For People who do not want to mix around, we cannot force them to. For new comers, I think we should make an attempt to let them mix around and know the people living in the same apartment. We are such a small community here, but we do not know who is living within the same apartment, except for some. Chinese has a saying : Distance relative is not as good as our near neighbour or immediate neighbour. This is because in time of need, who can help you ? Is it your overseas relatives or your neighbour ? But the fact is your neighbour may not want to help you if they do not even know who you are. As foe me, I always try to buy something for my neighbours whenever I go overseas.
We are living in such a small apartment, we are living in such a small country, if every one aim to get to know each other, instead of just keep within their 4 walls, this place and this country will be a much better place to live in.
On a separate note, each time I step into a lift and see someone in there, I usually will give a smile. But if the other party treat you as if you are transparent, worst still, show you an unhappy look, I just have to smile to myself and stay happy and be thankful for what I have and what I do not have. I have heard that in Germany, if you enter a lift and there is someone inside, you are supposed to wish that person or he/she will not close the door especially if it is in the morning. Because they do not want to be with someone "they do not know or unfriendly" in the lift for that few moment in the morning and spoil their day.
The above are solely my own views and meant for sharing.

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