Saturday, January 26, 2008

People Are Like Wines

People Are Like Wines

People are like wines, age souring the bad and improving the good. The author of this saying is unknown, I happens to see it when I was at my customer place one day. On a contrary, there are people who keep making the same mistake over and over again and they call that experience.

Most people can improve the good if they make it a point to change for the good of course. People are also like bird living in a cage. Why I say that ? To a bird, what is it like living in a cage as compare to able to fly to where they want, they are 2 big difference. The former means the bird need not worry about food and water or predator such as an eagle. But this bird loose it freedom. The later has to find its own food and runs the risk of being eaten by a predator. So most person are afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone, be it the place they are living in or the company they are working for. They may think that if the job is stable and the income is acceptable, why bother to change. The fact is in todays world, nothing is certain or the future is so uncertain. A company which is doing well now does not mean it will be growing each year. People can age and our stay in this world is short.
So in general, the saying is true but I think only people who are willing to change, learn and moving forward each day.

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green said...

People resist change because:

1. they have become so comfortable with what they are doing so much so they are stuck in it.

2. they cannot really see what is coming if they change - the unseen brings a lot of anxiety and fear in them.

3. they want to feel secure and if what they are doing presently makes them feel good, why rock the boat, so to speak.

4. they like familiarity and changing to a new thing will require adjustments, adaptations, etc. so why all the hassles?

5. they do not have confidence in themselves in that the change is for their highest good.

6. most times, their negative mindset will prevent them from doing something different because they cannot see the positive side of the change.

7. they are burdened with a lot of life baggages, financial responsibilities, etc., and for example, changing a job may affect some of these things.

These are some reasons I can think of and there may be many more. The cons seem to be more than the pros, and it is no wonder why change is difficult to make.

Affluence and materialism of the modern world have a part to play in peoples' lives. If people are able to live simpler lives, then there would be less fear against change. This is just one aspect of looking into why change don't come easy.