Sunday, January 20, 2008

Giving Thanks


We live, for the most part, lives dominated by self-created routine and unskilful obligation. It is when we come upon moments of thankfulness that we become truly alive. Thankfulness is an immensely powerful skillful thought energy, and this is why it is good to give thanks every day.

In giving thanks daily, we start to connect to the underlying forces of abundance. Give thanks not just for what you have, but also what you do not have. Give thanks for all the good and the bad, the positive and negative in your life. Give thanks, also, that you are free from the problems that others have. In this way you keep yourself free of these problems and you also lessen the misfortune of others.

To give thanks is to open your heart. To open your heart is to experience what others experience. To experience what others experience is the first step in developing compassionate thought energy that can help others to be free of suffering and bring them happiness, wisdom, and the power to create prosperity.

Giving thanks teaches each of us the special responsibility that we have to use our personal and global resources wisely.

Giving thanks reduces anger, transforms greed, and purifies lust, all of which are entwined in the structure of money.


Giving thanks can help you to solve all your financial problems.

First, make a list of all your problems with money. Then make a list of areas in your life where you have no problems with money. Than make a list of all other good and bad things in your life. Now speaking aloud, thank each thing in this way: "I give thanks that I have a good job. I give thanks that my relationship broke up. I give thanks for my health. I give thanks for losing money."

Giving thanks heals the pain of good and bad things and creates new opportunities for growth and financial successes. It also secures and increases the power of the good things in every area of your life. Giving thanks bring peace, beauty, and understanding to the skillful thought energy that lies behind all prosperity.

Above all give thanks for yourself, for who you are, have been, and shall be in the future.

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