Monday, February 11, 2008



I received about 9 visitors a day on my blog. I like to share an interesting article I read in a local Chinese newspaper on 10 Feb 2008. It is called "Very Good".
There is an old man who use to say "Very good ! Very good !" Over time, this has became his habit. If it rains over a few days, a lot of people will be grumbling about the bad weather. But this old man will say "Very good! If this downpour was to happen in just one day instead of spreading over a few days, then there will be flood everywhere. Isn't this worth to celebrate ?"
In another occasion, his wife was very ill. This time, his friends were thinking, he will not say "Very good !" will he ? So his friends decided to pay him and his wife a visit. As they enter his house, his friends began to ask him whether his wife is serious or not. But to their surprised, this old man said "Very good!" His friends were annoyed and asked him "This time you are wrong, your wife is sick and suffering on her bed, yet you said Very good, this is too much !" The old man replied "You all do not know, I am old already, from young till old, it is my wife who is looking after me. Now that she is not well, it gave me opportunity to look after her properly. I can repay her for what she did for me, isn't that good ?"
Optimistic can reduce the impact of unfortunate things by half, pessimistic can amplify unfortunate things that happened.
In Arab, there is a saying : Do not blame the thorns in the rose shrub or bush, you should be thankful of the roses among the thorns. Most people will blame the thorns of the rose, but few will thank the creator because of the thorns, that is why we have roses. Rose and thorn are like fortunate and unfortunate. Do you choose to blame on something or be thankful instead ? Do you choose to say Very good or terrible ? It is all up to you.
There are two friends who have not met each other for a long time. One day, they happened to meet at a special occasion. One of the guy asked the other guy how is he getting on. The other guy replied Very good. Then the guy continued to ask if his family members are well and good. The other guy replied this time, "Both my parent and my children are good." Then the guy asked "How about your wife ?" The other guy replied "She is also Very good. Since she passed away 3 years ago, she is still Very good. She will be Very good forever."

How you find the above article after reading ? Very good ?