Sunday, February 24, 2008

Give Something Back To Society


This is the 2nd time the Bucky Group offered help to the lower income old people living at Bukit Merah.

On 20 Feb 08, Wed, the Bucky Group sponsored an eight course dinner at Kia Hiang Restaurant for 68 senior citizens, mostly living in a one-room flat at Bukit Merah. The first dish is what we called Lo-Hei in Singapore or Yu-Sheng in Chinese which means raw fish.

We also gave out Mandarin oranges and Hong Paos that evening.

Appearing in the above photo (top) are Joo Hock, Anna, Monica and May. They are busy preparing to give out oranges. The next photo showed Sunny Leong giving out Hong Paos (red packet containing S$). The Hong Paos are sponsored by Sunny's friend.

Below are the people who has helped in one way or another to make this event successful.

Are they happy ? The answer is shown on their face. Money spent in acts of charity, is the only kind that will be remembered after you die. Giving gives me an indescribable sense of happiness. It has always been meaningful to be able to help others, and I'm proud to be a part of it. Of all the successes of the world, nothing compares to the spirit of giving freely from the heart.


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