Saturday, February 9, 2008

Why I Love My Bucky Group ?




It is the 4 th Day of Lunar New Year 2008, Year of Rat. As per most of the Sunday morning, I got up at 5:30 am, prepare myself and go to MacRitchie Reservoir. A few of my Bucky Group friends will meet at our usual meeting point at 7:15 am before proceeding for our 5 km walk/jog.


After our walk, at around 8:30 am, we will sit around to read a part of the book entitled Utopia or Oblivion (you can call it Heaven and Hell) by Bucky. This morning I learnt :

1. It takes a minimum of 12 spokes to make a wire wheel - to keep the hub from oscillating as a drumhead or twisting in any way. So we discover that there are always only 12 fundamental vectors which converge as the angular degrees of freedom in the universe : 6 positive vectors and 6 negative, which, when symmetrically interacting, represent the 6 edges of the positive phase of the tetrahedron and the 6 edges of the negative, or vertexially inside-outed phase of the same vectorial tetrahedron.

2. Children using their own bodies can learn how to :

a. roll

b. spin

c. orbit

d. inside out by sticking their tongues out

e. oscillate, ie how to converge and diverge by inflating and deflating their lungs

f. precession. It is the reaction motion of the earth when they rolled or orbited. It is the motion effect of a body in motion upon any other body in motion. It is precession when, for instance, you drop a stone into the water. You will always get eccentrically developing waves in beautiful circles.
These 6 motions each have their opposite motion -ergo our ( 6 positive, 6 negative) or total of 12 fundamental angular degrees and vectors of freedom.
We were fortunate to have a very good facilitator, Joo Hock. You can ask him anything about Buckminister Fuller.


Bucky Group is a group of people who meet every weekend to learn & share their experiences, air their views/opinions and talk anything not just under the sky, but above the sky as well. This morning turnout was good, there are 16 of us plus 2 dogs.
You can see the smiling faces of the Bucky Group as in the photo everytime when we meet.
If the above do not make you love to be part of the Bucky Group, I do not know what will.
Do you like to be part of the group ?

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