Saturday, March 1, 2008

Late Breakfast or Early Lunch ?


A couple of days ago, my colleagues and I were talking about late breakfast and early lunch. I was of the opinion that there is not much of difference between late breakfast and early lunch. Maybe the food you eat is different, that's all.

One of my colleague said : No, not just the food, it is more than that !

This makes me ponder for a while. He continued to say : It depends who you are talking to. If your boss is in the loop, it better be LATE BREAKFAST even if you are having EARLY LUNCH.

The reason is simply because by saying you are having EARLY LUNCH, it imply you are very free and having not enough job. But if you say I am having late breakfast, it means you are too busy and working very hard until you need to take LATE BREAKFAST. Your boss may think you are overloaded with work and when come to year end bonus, you will likely be rewarded.

It is all about choice of words. But your choice of words can make a big difference to the people listening. So to be on the safe side, remember to use LATE BREAKFAST instead of EARLY LUNCH. Unless you are the boss, who cares ?


Anonymous said...

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Frederick said...

Wow! These are wise comments. Very well positioned. :)

I wonder if your colleague is at boss' level. He should be. :)