Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Stress is something everybody experiences. A certain amount is good, it keeps you on your toes. Too much stress causes strain. It can lead to illness.
Is your life a balancing act ?
On one hand you have :
a. noise
b. time
c. family
d. money
e. work
On the other hand you have :
a. fun
b. personal time
c. relaxation
d. holidays
e. hobbies
It might be that right now you are suffering from stress. That is something everyone experience at some time. When the demands of your life cause the signs of stress to show its your cue to relax and try to regain the balance of your life.
Immediate Stress Savers are :
a. take a deep breadth and release slowly
b. clench your fists and release
c. go for a walk
d. punch a pillow
e. count to ten slowly
f. talk with a friend
g. have a bubble bath
h. smile
Long Term Stress Savers are :
a. learn to use skills like time management and assertion
b. try taking part in a physical activity like walking, cycling, etc
c. try developing a new interest like joining a club or start a hobby.
d. make time for yourself

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