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Why reverse osmosis drinking water is no good for us ?

Why Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water is No Good for us ?

You know Singapore used to sell reverse osmosis drinking water, now I do not find them. But Malaysia is still selling this kind of drinking water. One of my friend told me it is no good for our body. Is it true ? If true, do you know why ?

See answers from one of my friend : 

Reverse osmosis produces mineral-free water, or more commonly called, distilled water, that is, water without any mineral at all.  This type of water is also produced by all other forms of water purification, such as distillation. In other words, when we want to change dirty water (i.e. sea-water, drain water etc) to clean water, the end-result is distilled water because all the processes simply remove all the impurities leaving simply H2O alone. You may or may not remember that some years back (probably 20 years ago), car batteries needed water to refill, and such water used had to be distilled water so as not to add minerals to complicate the chemical reactions in the batteries.

Firstly, distilled water is not ideal for drinking because it does not contain minerals.  Our body needs those minerals in small or trace quantity.
Secondly, water is a solvent, and since distilled water is so pure, i.e. without minerals or anything, its capacity to dissolve minerals is maximal. Thus when distilled water is drank, it dissolves minerals and whatever that is soluble in water, from the body.

In Singapore, the water produced by reverse-osmosis (this process is used by Hyflux) is so pure that it is used in industries that need such high purity, for example, the semi-conductor industry.  Excess, which is not a lot, is then mixed with our drinking water (which has minerals) that is processed from fresh reservoir water.

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