Sunday, June 2, 2013

Metta Practice and Recollection

It is good to meditate everyday. Here are the phrases to help us retain the effect of Metta meditation long after we start to get on with our normal routine.

Reflect, recollect and contemplate on the phrases below, whenever we noticed the arising and effect of greed, hatred, delusion, aversion, sloth, torpor, restlessness, worry and doubt.

Do it before we respond with unwholesome body language, action and speech!

May I be…

- Filled with loving – kindness

- Well in body & mind

- Free from troubles of the mind & body

- Safe from inner & outer dangers

- Free from hatred & enmity

- Free from hurtfulness

- Endowed with right speech & moral conduct

- May I be able to protect my own happiness

- May I be truly happy & free

Then spread the good wishes above to our teachers, elders, loved ones, friends, all other beings known & unknown, and adversaries.

May all of you be happy and blessed in your diligent practice.

With Metta, Chao Loy NB: Thanks to George Lim and Dr Henry Yeo.

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