Thursday, June 13, 2013

5 simple tips on using the little things you see etc as motivation

《 5 simple tips On using the little things you see, hear or read daily as a motivational push to help you excel in what you most desire to 》

Hi everyone, I have spent some of my free time the past week to write up something which I feel could help our friends out there. If you think this is good please help me share this post and also like my page to stay connected to my future postings.

PS: I am not a professional writer and therefore pardon me for any poor English. Everything I write here is purely based on my own personal experiences and any similarity to any persons are purely coincidental.

For me looking at facebook is an awesome source of inspiration and energy:
seeing a lot of my friends and even friends of friends on Facebook closing deals, going for holidays, collecting pay checks, spending quality time with family, helping clients fulfil their needs.. etc etc makes me feel motivated and happy that this world is full of opportunities and love.


Tip number 1:

I make it my hobby to learn new things everyday and I always try to ask for honest opinions from friends and business partners/associates on how I am able to do better. Always being ready for comments from others is essential as we are always good at observing others but lack the skills of observing ourselves.

I understand that a lot of people actually spend their free time on reading comics, playing games, online chatting etc. For me i enjoy spending my free time on reading new articles of listening to tutorials on YouTube.
I also use my free time on motivation reading, writing and postings especially during breaks or personal leisure time, (eg: toilet breaks, coffee breaks) rather than do it as my core priority.

Tip number 2:

Always ask your questions.
Eg: if others can, why can't I, and how exactly can I?
Asking yourself such simple questions are forms or self reflections on what you are lacking or what areas have you been missing out.

How many times have you thought of going into a new venture, and for the next half year you've actually forgotten totally about it?
MAKE SURE you keep a small note pad in your phone on the various things which you've wanted to explore and the next time when you are free you can take your notes out and , work towards them.

Tip number 3:

If you really cannot figure out how others managed to accomplish tasks, or you're impressed with their time time management skills which you've never believed you could.. Immediately call mentors or even your friends up, I am very sure they are more than ready and eager to give you their sincere advise.
(Honestly I feel that most of your mentors get pretty worried when you don't call them often enough..)

For me if I am unable to get my immediate help, I make it a point to send an SMS, Whatsapp or even emails to the person I want to contact. I believe if we wait for help to come and it doesn't, the problem lies with ourselves because we don't find it important enough for us to look for the answer. And most of the time, we eventually forget to ask...

Tip number 4:

DO NOT feel inferior, DO NOT feel jealous, DO NOT be defensive, and DO NOT feel offended.

Do not take things personally, there are people that I know whom thinks that the whole world is against them. Therefore whenever they hear people saying good things about others, they start to turn jittery and actually they themselves don't realise that.

A better way is to use this opportunity to find out more and keep these information and research on them during your free time. Whenever you see people getting awards and accolades, go and google their names and see what you can read up about them and learn as much.

Tip number 5:

Feeling happy when you see others do well is a healthy way of life, be generous
with your compliments and cut down on comments about others.
People don't like to share information with those who are defensive and critical against others. If you show people you're always kind with your words, they'll likely be more willing to share their experiences and ask for your comments.

Do not be angry by negative things you see, read or hear because those are usually lop-sided There are already enough of negative people who are always angry and frequently writing nasty stuff about others. So actually you can save your time on thinking how you could prevent getting yourself into bad situations like that.

Always remember, successful people do not get angry easily.
Be kind to people who treat you badly and LOVE those who treats you well.


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Marcus Luah *ML*


Jack Sullivan said...

Thanks for your positive tips! I really appreciate how you explain that we have to make an effort to stay positive instead of expecting it to just come to us. Here's another one of my favorite articles about positivity and motivation that you might like:

Marcus Luah said...

Thank you Jack, please like my page for my future postings :)