Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Change Your Perspectives

Now a days, nearly everyday when you read the papers, you see news of companies closing down their plants and retrenching staff. What was written below is that "The worst it could be is to become bankrupt". Well, just last Saturday, we are still able to get sponsor for food and hong baos (cash). Each recipients at Jln Bt Merah get about S$35 worth of things and cash. So it is not that bad. Usually during Chinese New Year period, we get more sponsors.
I came across the below article from Edmund Ng and find it interesting. Read on :
>>> Change Your Perspectives <<<
You need to see things in a different light. In this crisis, people who see things differently will see it as an opportunity. As I always tells my clients and students in my workshops. Never assume. The main difference between an online marketer and an offline marketer is that we don't assume. We try to use tools to find out what people are searching from Search Engines before we decide on the products and services we want to target. I will just go straight to the point and tell you what the market is looking for right now. Things that will help reduce cost (Cost of materials, Cost of Production), improve efficiency and ways that would help to increase revenue. In case you don't get it, the shipping & logistics industry is going through a bad patch right now. I've been told that freight charges that used to cost $23 per ton cost something like $1.50, almost more than a 90% reduction. The cranes in the ports are all pointing towards the sky as they have no containers to process and lift up. Empty ships are left hanging at the docks. It's almost like a dead port with minimal activities. Soon the crane operators would probably be asked to go on a 3-4 day work week.
>>> You Are The Result Of What You Did Previously<<< ****************************************************
I know that by now some of you guys would be grumbling about how unlucky you were to be in your current job. Oil executives that used to had their sharksfin mouth rinsing rituals had stopped doing that with oil prices dropping to record lows of 40.30 USD per barrel. Of course the upmarket restaurants are being hit badly as well. Guess what, you are to blame. Why You? Simple. You chose to be in your current job. If you are successful in your current job, it's because you worked hard academically and became a banker, lawyer or doctor. It didn't happened by chance. However, if you're really screwed up right now, it is probably that you were not listening or paying attention to what is happening throughout the world. Or you might not have received e-mails like this or have friends like me who constantly enjoy educating people even when there will always be some losers who accuses me of spamming them. Are you ready for the remedy, here it goes. Please give yourself a chance by reading further.
>>> Taking Control Of Your Destiny <<< **************************************
Stop getting worried about retrenchments. Sometimes, it might be a good thing. It's time you control your life by probably running your own business. Let me give you a good example. Sometime back, I was watching a documentary in Singapore about how a chef who was working in Mandarin Hotel's chatterbox was laid off. If I'm not wrong the chef's name was Kiang Joon Toh. He's around 50 years old and had worked in Singapore's No.1 and most expensive Chicken Rice joint for almost 30 years. Despite his enormous experience, he was told that he was surplus to requirements and was given a golden handshake. Not perturbed by that he decided to use the money given to him to start his own "Sergeant Chicken Rice" stall. It was tough initially but with the help of his wife who quit her full time job and some family members, he was able to turn his business around and build up a successful brand name. His motto was kind of like 1st Class Chicken Rice at Food Court pricing. Of course, he understood that leveraging on the 'Chatterbox' brand was way too powerful as many overseas visitors make it their first choice destination for Chicken Rice when they visited Singapore. This is just one example of how a different perspective created an almost fairytale success. If you really understand the fact that 'You are the result of what you did previously', you will know that in order to turn your life around you need to start planning what to do and work hard at it so that over the next 6 months or 1 year, you could think back and tell yourself you need to buy Edmund a good dinner for his e-mails. That said, don't give yourself too much pressure. For those who are having credit card problems, please stop using them and take public transport if possible. Try to free yourself some time to pick up new skills that will help you make passive income. Avoid taking up 2-3 part time jobs as you'll be risking your health and it's not worth it. Trust me. That is my advice for my friend Johnny who works almost 18 hours a day doubling up as a security guard at night. The reason is simple. When you are working, you are trading your time for money. More importantly, when you do low level stuffs (things that don't require much thought), chances is that your returns are also miserable. The reason why I'm always encouraging people to start their own business is that when you really hit it, the returns are exponential when you could only hope for a 5-7% increment year on year. Here comes another group of people I'm worried about. Those who have speculated or retrenched for a long period of time that your house would anytime be repossessed. Don't worry, just be optimistic. The worst you could be is a bankrupt. If someone like Nanz Chong who screwed up badly having lost millions can write a book and teach people something, you could do the same or better. I don't claim to be the guru that can help people make millions but as long people learn something that can change their lives, I'm happy. Remember me as the Duru. I whip people into taking action. Only by doing will change take place.
I hope you've enjoyed this article. I've got to end here because I have to catch a plane to Indonesia tomorrow.

P.S. - We came with nothing, so if you're really bankrupt or on the verge of being bankrupt just remember you're the cause of it. You could jump out of it by just follow some of my advice diligently.
P.P.S. - I'm going to warn you that something very bad will happen before 20th Jul 09 that would send the whole world in panic. If there's a time to take action, this is the time. Trust me, when it happens, a lot more people would be retrenched.
P.P.P.S. - The is undergoing some revamp so there will be no posting until the new site is up.
P.P.P.P.S. - I sincerely hope you will change your perspectives and change your life. Learn to be optimistic like me and enjoy life. Focus on the positives e.g. How to Make More Money rather than the debts you have to pay. Trust me, it works!

Edmund Ng
CEO, President

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