Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sharing of how to save money in Singapore

SHARING OF HOW TO SAVE MONEY IN SINGAPORE I have not been writing for quite some time. I am on leave today, so I can sit down to share some of my thoughts. Things in Singapore are getting more and more expansive. Even to do a scaling can cost us S$100 if we go to a private clinic. Lately I tried to make an appointment at Jurong East Polyclinic for scaling. To my surprise, the waiting time is 1 year. Then I was talking to my colleagues one day on this subject, one of them said she only need to wait for 1 month for her appointment at the polyclinic at Hougang. Another way to save money if you are buying good running shoe. A pair of original Addidas running shoe only cost below S$40. But it is not at the sport shop in shopping mall, you need to go to SAFRA to buy at the e-Mart. If you can access Army camps, some camps also has e-Mart there. Alternatively, if you know of anyone who is still serving NS, can ask them to buy for you at his camp. My office is very near Bt Merah Central NTUC and a lot of things are cheaper at NTUC. The things that I always buy at NTUC are instant oats and fresh apples.

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Satan's recarnation - Mara said...

Wow chao loy , this is indeed a rather comprehensive list of ways to save money ! This is indeed insightful and meaningful ! Please share more of such tips with us , fervent readers of your blog ! �� Things are indeed getting more and more expAnsive nowadays . It's such a pity .