Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Reliable Locksmith in Singapore Mr Tay

Reliable Locksmith for Safe in Singapore My home safe cannot be opened recently. I have both the right number combination and key but the safe just cannot open. I started my search in the internet and yellow page and found a company. This company quoted S$120 if the safe can be opened and S$240 if need to force open the safe. To dispose the safe is S$50. My safe has a double lock system, I thought the combination lock spoiled and that is why after turning the numbers the key cannot turn. Luckily I found the right locksmith through my wife's contact. I call Mr Tay KS from Kim Leng Office Equipment Pte Ltd. He came with his equipment. I gave him my number combination and key for the safe. After he inserted the key, the key cannot be turned. He told me the key lock got problem. He then check the key hole with his torch and found dirt in the key hole. He then used liquid cleaner and a small rod to remove the dirt in the key hole and turned the knob with the number combination. My safe door can be opened after that and I was so happy to see my safe door opened. Mr Tay only charged me S$80 for his service. He also explained to me how the 2 locks work. I also gave him an Ang Pow which he kindly accepted. In case you need his service to open lock, can call him at 9732 0770 or 9154 3310. Be careful, some locksmiths will break open main door or safe door because they do not have the right skills to open lock or repair lock. And force open is the easy way out for them.

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