Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Never Put Thing On Keyboard of Laptop Computer

Just like to remind people never put thing on the keyboard of laptop. A friend of mine has to buy a new laptop because the screen cracked due to he left his earphone on the keyboard of his laptop and left to do something. His wife was busy preparing breakfast for their son. Not knowing the earphone was on the keyboard, she closed the laptop screen. As a result, the screen cracked. It is expensive to change the screen, so he changed to a new laptop. Just the other day, I was sharing this story with one of my colleague, he said one of his ex-staff had a similar experience. She has a stack of document with a paper-clip holding the document. The document was in between the keyboard and screen on the laptop she was carrying them to a meeting. After she opened up the screen of her laptop, she found her laptop screen cracked. In our multi-storey building, we need to travel from one floor to another for meeting at times. This is what we normally do when we have some document in hard copy and laptop to bring to a meeting. So be careful, never put anything in between the screen and keyboard of any laptop and close the screen.

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