Sunday, May 11, 2014

From $300 to $10 and then to $100,000

FROM $300 TO $10 AND THEN TO $100,000 A domestic helper was caught by a CISCO Officer drinking water in a MRT train. It is an offense to drink water in a MRT train in Singapore. The offense carries a fine of $300. The CISCO Officer is an Indian foreigner from Malaysia. The CISCO Officer told the domestic helper he was going to issue a summon to the accused. The domestic helper told him she would not be able to pay the $300 fine as she only had $10 with her. The CISCO Officer asked her to place the $10 on the desk and let her off. When the domestic helper employer found out about this corruption incident, she lodged a police report and the case was referred to CPIB. Now the CISCO Officer could faced a fine of $100,000 and jailed for up to 5 years. ---end of story---------- I found that a lot can be learnt from this true story. Commuters taking public transport like bus and MRT are not allowed to eat and drink which traveling in the bus or train. There are cameras everywhere while you are traveling in the bus or train. The Singapore Government take corruption very seriously especially officer helping to enforced the law. Signs showing no eating and drinking are everywhere in the train. I am not sure if the domestic helper is aware of this. Did the employer tell her that she is not supposed to drink and eat in the train or within the train station. It is important for foreigners to know the rules and regulation of the country he/she is in to avoid committing any unnecessary offense.

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