Sunday, April 14, 2013

Trekking Poles


I was looking for good trekking poles and came across the LEKI trekking poles from the internet. I went down to Haf Box Pte Ltd at Tanglin Shopping Centre on 13 Apr 13 and bought 2 pairs of LEKI Trekking Poles.
The address is 19 Tanglin Rd, #03-32, Tanglin Shopping Centre. Tel : +65 62354560.

The first pair is for beginner like me. The model is called Eagle and it cost S$139.90 per pair. Then I bought another pair which has anti-shock, the model is Makalu-UL AS. It cost S$299 per pair.

As they do not come with the rubber tip attachment for hard surface, I bought 4 of them for each pole. Each cost S$12.

I have used them at Bt Timah Hill from 20 Apr 13.

So far so good, no problem with my new poles.

4 Jun 2013

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