Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some Words for Ourselves

Dear Friends,

I have not write on my blog for quite a while. I still get about 20 visitors a week for my blog. With the energies of the Lunar New Year upon us, there is no better time than now to make a powerful commitment; to heal your unconscious guilt allowing you to create the life you've always wanted! Below is an interesting article from our local Chinese Newspaper.

It shares some things for ourselves. Do not go against an idiot, society, yourself, relatives, things of the past and reality. Reasons are simple.
Lastly, some of my friends and colleagues asked me, how many "Lo Hei" (or "Yu Sheng" or raw fish and vegetable salad), I had during this Chinese New Year. My answer is I have lost count. This morning, I looked at my planner and did a stocktake. From 22 Jan 11 until the last day of Chinese New Year, 17 Feb 11, I had 11 "Lo Heis". Some days I had 2 "Lo Heis" on one day. I have decided to change my diet to vegetarian diet from now for 3 months.

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