Monday, January 10, 2011

Another of my close Friend left me


I was rather sad on 30th Dec 2010 reason being another of my close friend, Chan NH, left me. In Jan 2010, my close friend Alex who is also a qualified TCM, pass away. We use to have tea-break and lunch together whenever he come to our building.

I was actually on leave on 30th Dec 10, but I went back to my office to catch a lift from my colleague to a buffet lunch at Holiday Inn. I was slightly early when I arrived at my office, so I decided to have a drink at our canteen. It was then that our canteen operator, Yogo, told me Chan was hospitalised on 29 Dec 10. When I tried to find out more from her, she was not able to tell me. She just said she is visiting Chan on that day after work. Later that day, I called up a colleague of mine who is very close with close and found out that Chan is brain dead already.

On 31 Dec 10, my car was ready for collection at a workshop in Tuas. I arranged with a colleague of mine to visit Chan on 1 Jan 11 but my colleague called me to say Chan's heart has stop beating.

I went to Chan's wake on 2 Jan 11.

Chan's Death Can Actually Be Avoided

After talking to my colleague who was very closed to Chan, I found out that Chan death can actually be avoided. About 1 week before Chan died, he went to see Chinese doctor for flu. But it did not recover. So on 27 Dec 10, he went to see his GP. After his GP did a check on him, his GP wrote a letter for him to be admitted to hospital immediately. But he did not go to hospital straight because he has made an appointment with CPF to sign up a Life Plan on 29 Dec 10. I think he intended to go for his appointment first before going to hospital. So he missed his 1st chance to live longer. On 28 Dec 10 evening, Chan vomitted blood at home, his wife asked to go to hospital for check-up but he refused to do so. He missed his 2nd chance to live longer. On 29 Dec 10, after he got up in the morning, I was told he was doing his usual stretching after he get up from bed, but after some stretching, he fainted. His wife called for ambulance immediately. About 30 minutes later, he arrived at the hospital. The doctor did a check on him and found out that he is brain dead because there was no oxygen supplied to his brain for about 30 minutes. The next day his heart stop pumping, the doctor said his death is due to pneumonia which is commonly known as lung infection.

What are some of the lessons we can learnt from Chan's death ?

I think when the doctor listen to his breathing, the doctor suspected something is not right. That is why the doctor ask him to be admitted immediately.

If one vomitted blood, it is another sign of something serious has happened, admit to hospital immediately.

If flu prolong, go for thorough check, one could be suffering from pneumonia.

We only live once, so do not take sickness likely especially when we pass 60 years old. Chan is 63 this year.

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