Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The 7 Wonders

From Piya Tan


(1) It’s a wonder, Even without eyes, to see what naked eyes see not:

Close your eyes to truly see.

The open eye often looks to the past.

Our heart opens the inner eye opens, and looks deep into another: as I am so you are; as you are, so am I.

(2) It’s a wonder, even without ears, to listen to what prying ears fail to hear:

Don't just hear, but listen long to the silence of the words, the stillness between the music.
For there can be no sense nor music without silence.
Above all, listen to your heart, yearning to be free.

(3) It’s a wonder, even without a nose, to smell what pointed noses fail to smell:

The true fragrance of love without walls, loving others as you would others love you. They pass us by, all looking for love, but not knowing how, till the heart smiles, and beats in your outstretched hand.

(4) It’s a wonder, even without a tongue, to taste what flat tongues fail to taste:

The taste of freedom in true goodness, flowing like gushing rivers down mountains and valleys into the mingling mighty ocean, where water is simply called water.

(5) It’s a wonder, even without a body, to feel what the sensual body feels not:
The joy of inner stillness, when the body has had its fill.
To be kindly aware of your own body is like coming home, a warm home that breathes every moment for you, till you are one with nirvana’s breath.

(6) It’s a wonder, even when troubled, to laugh at our sufferings and silliness,
and to teach others not to fall where you have fallen.
For, pain is our first teacher, and the last, before joy comes gently but firmly to hold our hands: We have never suffered really, only we have not looked hard enough.

(7) It’s a wonder, even when unloved, to show love to the unloving;
For, only in giving love, do you have love.
Even when the other does not requite your love, it is not your fault that one loves you not. For, a greater love awaits you, but whose time is yet to come.

Ask me not what these words mean;

For only your heart will tell you;

Look deep into the stillness there

For what words fail to say.

© Piya Tan 2009

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