Monday, March 30, 2009

Have Faith In Yourself


Firstly, I like to thank you for visiting my blog. My visitors have hit a record high last week, ie I have a total of 52 visitors last week. This make me wanting to write more frequently and share more.

Many years ago when I was still a boy, I still can remember a friend of mine once asked me : when then you can say it is faith ? The answer from him is after it has happened.

In these tough economic times, we need to rethink, re-evaluate and retune our financial blueprint to stay on course to maintain our worldly responsibilities. Practicing the principles of abundance and prosperity bridges both the inner and outer worlds while handling our day-to-day lives from a place of fullness and gratitude.

In times of fear, we tend to forget that the inner creates the outer. It is so normal in our society to look outside ourselves for so many things. And when we hear fearful things going on in the world around us it is easy to get caught up in it. It is so easy to give in to the fear that so many are holding.

In life, there are always undesirable things. Perhaps a person who feels things are not going as well as they could will feel better if they change their point of view and see things from another perspective.

Perhaps this message will bring fresh new ways of thinking to everyone. Perhaps everyone can appreciate and be thankful for each beautiful day that follows.

Life is the continual demonstration of the power of thinking positive and having faith. Believe in yourself. Never lose faith.

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