Thursday, January 15, 2009

Make at least 3 People Happy Each Day

Make At Least 3 People Happy Each Day

A very renown monk from Taiwan gave advise on 100 good things to do. One of the thing I remembered is to make at least 3 people happy each day.
Is it difficult to do that ? If you say difficult, it can be very difficult. You may ask yourself, why do I do that ? What benefit do I get in return ? Then it will be difficult. But if you just do it, then it will be very easy.
Look at the picture, I just did it. My wife is eating a bag of tapioca chips that weigh 5KG. We bought it from Malaysia for RM35. What I did was to take of photo of wife eating the tapioca chips while watch TV program. She was so happy posting and eating.
I also remembered got one time, my friend and I were driving in Malaysia. I think we were at Kota Bahru which is in Kelantan. Then I realised I need to top up my car fuel tank. So I stop by at a petrol koisk to top up. After a Malay girl fill up the tank, my friend pay her for the petrol and gave her RM1 as tips. She was so happy and keep thanking my friend. So money can also make people happy.
So, if you can do it, why not.

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