Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Some People You Just Don't ...and the Fact of Life

Some People You Just Don't .... and the Fact of Life

Everyday during our daily life we will be meeting people. Some people you just don't feel like talking to them, seeing them, following them when driving on road, being their neighbour, etc.

Why I say that ?

People you don't want to be their neighbour.

Some neighbours are so self-centred. Everything they do is for their own benefit. I have living in a private apartment, we have limited parking lots. Certain lots are designated for MC members. But some residents just don't care and any how park their car. When come to washing of car, because they have domestic helper and there are 3 taps at the parking area to collect water, very often, I can see some domestic helpers wasting precious water.

Over at my office, we have colleagues sitting near us which can be considered as our neighbours. I have a table fan on my desk. My habit is to on it when I feel warm and off it when I step out of office or go home. Some neighbour will turn on my fan when I am not in office. But the person did not turn it off after using it. Many a times when I step in my office in the morning, I can see the fan is on. It was left on for the whole night, why waste electricity when you don't need it. Worst is sometimes when I came to office on a Monday morning and noticed the fan is left on over the weekend.

People you don't want to follow.

Back in my office, each of us has 2 computer. One is a PC and the other is a laptop with access to internet and can bring home the laptop. I can see some people will leave their computer on when they go home. Why waste electricity when you don't need it. Computer also need to "rest" when you don't need to use it. Why don't people turn off their computer before they go home instead of leaving it on perpetually ?

People you don't want to follow when driving on the road.

Some drivers don't use their indicator when filtering lane or making turn. Everyone is using the roads. We should be considerate when using the roads. To let others know we are filtering or turning, it is best to signal so that drivers behind us will know. It is also safer as other road users will be aware of your intention. Some drivers just don't have the habit to use indicator. These are the drivers I don't like to follow.

People I don't like to talk to.

Some people just like to complain and make negative remarks about things they came across. These are the people I don't like to talk to. Some of my colleagues just like to complain about their work, the people they need to deal with, their boss, etc. Well you can say it is a mean for them to air their view or relief their stress. But I find that they are negative and focus on others or outside instead of looking at themselves and look inward in terms of what is wrong with himself or how can he change.


No two persons are the same. We also need to accept the fact that different people has different thinking, behavoir, habits, attitude, etc. Instead of complaining about someone being unfair, not understanding, lack of wisdom, etc, why not just accept the fact of life.

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