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Top 37 Things Dying People Say They Regret

Here Are The Top 37 Things Dying People Say They Regret. Learn From It Before It’s Too Late. January 10, 2014 Entertainment Everyone goes through life experiencing enough mistakes and resulting damage that, by the time they are old enough, they have regrets. They say hindsight is 20/20 and when you look back at your life you will know what moments you should have changed. However, we want to help you out. Forget hindsight. We’ve compiled a list of the 37 things you must not do or else you will definitely regret them at the end of your life. Just read through these and trust us. It’ll be worth it. 1.) Not traveling when you had the chance. Traveling gets harder as you get older, as more people depend on your presence, day-to-day and it ends up becoming more expensive to bring more people with you. 2.) Not learning another language. You probably took years of another language in high school. You should put it to good use. 3.) Staying in a bad relationship. It may feel hard to get out of a bad relationship, but it’s not worse than staying in it and wasting everyone’s time. 4.) Forgoing sunscreen. It may not seem like much, but sun damage adds up over the years, causing wrinkles and discoloration. 5.) Missing the chance to see your favorite musicians. You never truly know when your favorite band might break up, so seize the day. 6.) Being afraid to do things. Fear can paralyze us, but we can’t let it. 7.) Failing to make physical fitness a priority. As you get older you’ll realize how important it is to take care of your body. 8.) Letting yourself be defined by gender roles. Define yourself, don’t let society do it. 9.) Not quitting a terrible job. You may need to pay rent or provide for a family, but you can’t force yourself to be miserable every day. 10.) Not trying harder in school. Grades are important, but what’s more important is learning how to apply yourself and be dedicated. 11.) Not realizing how beautiful you are. There are many definitions of beauty and you shouldn’t think you’re unworthy of someone’s attention. 12.) Being afraid to say “I love you.” Loving another person is a precious gift, even if that same love wasn’t returned. 13.) Not listening to your parents’ advice. They have a lot more experience than you’ll want to give them credit for. 14.) Spending your youth being self-absorbed. There is more to the world than just you and eventually you’ll realize that. 15.) Caring too much about what other people think. When you’re older, you’ll realize that the opinions of others don’t factor into your true happiness. 16.) Supporting the dreams of others over your own. Being nice is one thing, but sacrificing your happiness isn’t worth it. 17.) Not moving fast enough. Don’t hesitate to make decisions, you’ll end up regretting wasting time. 18.) Holding grudges, especially against those you love. Choose to let go of your pain, instead of dwelling on it. 19.) Not standing up for yourself. Just because others may disagree with you, it doesn’t mean you have to abandon your principals. 20.) Not volunteering enough. There are countless reasons to help other people, especially when they are needy. 21.) Neglecting your teeth. Flossing and brushing may seem annoying, but it’s much better to take care of your teeth while you’re young instead of losing them later. 22.) Missing the chance to talk to your grandparents before they die. They hold a lot of knowledge and they will only be around for a little while. 23.) Working too much. You’re going to miss the good parts of life, or be too stressed to enjoy them, if you do. 24.) Not learning how to cook one good meal. It’ll add to your family and friend get togethers more than you can ever imagine. 25.) Not stopping to appreciate the moment. Quit texting or taking pictures and realize what you are doing when you are doing it. 26.) Failing to finish what you start. Every day is an opportunity that shouldn’t be squandered. 27.) Never mastering one awesome party trick. This seems silly, but just think of how many amazing memories you can create. 28.) Letting yourself be defined by cultural expectations. If your family or country thinks you should do something for a career, you’re not forced to. Never. 29.) Refusing to let friendships run their course. Sometimes people drift apart. Forcing that connection could do more damage than good. 30.) Not playing with your children enough. Kids are joyful and innocent. You should be choosing to fill your life with this joy, not avoiding it. 31.) Never taking a big risk (especially in love). Taking a bigger risk can pay off more than taking a smaller one. 32.) Not taking the time to develop contacts and network. It may seem like schmoozing, but it’ll help your career in the long run. 33.) Worrying too much. Worrying, especially about things that haven’t happened yet, is useless. 34.) Getting caught up in needless drama. Drama can be addictive, but there is no point. Don’t get off on how bad your day is. 35.) Not spending enough time with loved ones. We are all on this earth for a limited amount of time, don’t take that for granted. 36.) Never performing in front of others. This may not be your true calling, but trying it at least once is an important life experience. 37.) Not being grateful sooner. Learn to say thanks and learn to mean it. So many parts of your life will improve if you do. It’s never too late to change your life, so start by avoiding these things. You won’t regret it. (See what I did there?) Share this article with your friends so they can have the same advice. 18384 THANKS FOR SHARING. WANT MORE STUFF LIKE THAT? Never miss another popular story. Get our free daily e-mail with all the best stuff. Thank you! Do Not Ask Again LIKE US ON FB :) GET MORE STUFF LIKE THIS IN YOUR INBOX! Sign up for our daily email and get the stories everyone is talking about. Must See Stories It Might Look Like A Normal Stack Of Firewood. 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