Monday, February 27, 2012

Enjoy Life More With This Rule

The fewer rules the better.

When it comes to the rules you have about how

life should be or how other people should behave,

the less you have the easier it is to be happy.


Because, when you cease to impose unrealistic expectations

on people and on life, you not only reduce the likelihood of

disappointment, you also let go of unnecessary stresses

and false demands.

Instead of always trying to channel life,

ease up and go with the flow.

Enjoy what comes your way.

Try your hardest to accept people as they are

and try not to force them into your own mold.

Celebrate their individual differences.

Greet life’s surprises with joy and excitement,

and you’ll end up with a more fulfilling life than

was ever written in the rules!

~Jane Powell~

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peter morrison said...

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