Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Paradox of Presentation

Just attended a presentation on THE PARADOX OF PRESENTATION by Lorraine Kwek.

1st Paradox - I like to improve my presentation skill but when there is an opportunity to present, I will give it to others
This is also the "Power Rangers" syndrome. Remember how the Power Rangers post themselves ? They point their fingers to the left and right. What we should do about presentation is learn to enjoy during a presentation. Where possible, present on the subject you love.

2nd Paradox - I cannot get audience attention
The question is how to get the audience attention and maintain attention ? The fact is it is not easy if you are not somebody. But you can get audience attention by using the 7 seconds charisma. What you need to do is shut up for 7 seconds and maintain eye contact with the audience. Remember not to use the "Terminator" look. Eye contact is to acknowledge your presence and it is simple. According to expert, 6 seconds is to register you as a person, your personality, it also shows you can handle it.

3rd Paradox - I got no charisma
Is it true that you got no charisma ? The answer is no. As long as you are alive, you have it. You can act as if your grandfather owns the place and you have something to share with the audience. Remember this :
What is meant to be said will be remember, what is not to be said will be forgotten.
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If you like to invite Lorraine Kwek to give a free talk on presentation to some audience, let me know. I must say I enjoyed the entire presentation.

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