Saturday, December 18, 2010

My First Trip to Japan 17 - 29 Nov 2010


Japan is a country that I am dreaming to go for a long time. Maybe the time is not right yet for me to go. Could be also due to the cost that my dream did not come true. But in Jun 10 when my friends from the Bucky Group told me that they are making a trip to Japan in Nov 10, my first question I asked them was "Is it going to be expensive ?". The answer I got was "No, because we are going on back-pack and we will be staying at guesthouses.". My next question then was "Can we still join ?". The answer I got was "Yes, but need to decide fast as we are going to do the booking for air-tickets and guesthouses soon. There are 7 people confirmed going." I must thank our leader, June San, for being so helpful and kind to plan the trip for us, do the necessary bookings, lead us while we were there and also help us to save a lot of money for this trip. All in for the 12 days in Japan including air-ticket, I spent about S$2,500. And that include shopping for things I like and things to give my neighbours, colleagues and friends. June was so kind to take us round the places even she had been there before, I am really touched.

I have heard a lot from friends about their trip to Japan. All said it was very good. For me, I must said it was lucky for me to choose Japan as the last country to travel in Asia. Because I have been to Taiwan, China, South Korea, HK, Macau, Thailand, Loas, Myanmar, Vietman and Cambodia, Japan to me is the best. Why I say it is the best, below are my sharing :


People in Japan are so friendly and courteous. If you ask for direction, they will be happy to help you and some even come forward to help without you asking. I remember I was at a medicine shop one evening. All the staff there are so happy working at the store. They are full of energy until the store closed. When you make your payment, they will greet you and show their appreciation. Every restaurants we went, the customer service is excellent.
I also do not have the feeling that the Japanese are trying to make money from us because no one will come to you to sell thing. If you like to buy any thing, just ask, they will be happy to serve you. Unlike so country, everywhere you go, there will be people trying to sell something to you. 


My trip was mainly to see the autumn of Kyoto, Osaka and Nara. The autumn there is so colourful. Every spot you go, you can spend time taking photo just at one spot. Every step you make, the view is different and you can continue to take more photos.

Cleanliness of Environment

Everywhere we go, it is so clean, so neat and so tidy. As for the streams we saw, all the water are so clean and crystal clear. It is part of their culture.

Social Security

Everywhere we went, we felt so safe. I can see people there generally have their own job, the crime there is very low. Even in a city or at the market, I can see people just park their bicyle and go and do their own things. No one will steal their bicycle.


Being an asian, we are use to eat Chinese food. I must say I fall in love with the Japanese food when I was in Japan, it just taste very good. I also find that Japanese food is actually healthy food. They hardly use oil to do the cooking other than deep fried stuff like prawn. 

Finally, I enjoyed very much while I was in Japan. It was a totally new experience for me. The culture there is so different for us. I find that we have a lot to learn from them.

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