Monday, April 19, 2010

My recent trip to Malaysia - qing ming, Good Friday

My recent trip to Malaysia - qing ming, Good Friday

Just to share on a recent trip I went to Malaysia from 1 Apr to 4 Apr 10. Four of us (Raymond & wife, me and my wife) drove to Batu Pahat to stay one night there, then continue to Kajang for another night before we head for Tampin. At Tampin, we spent a night there.

On 3 Apr 10 evening, as we were travelling to my friend house in Tampin, we saw wild boars crossing the road. My friend had to slow down the vehicle to let the wild boars cross the road. Just as he thought there is no more wild boar crossing and continue with the drive, there was a last wild boar came dashing cross us. Fortunately he is able to slow down to avoid hitting the wild boar.

We spent the last night at my friend house and then on 4 Apr 10, we went to a cemetry. One of the rare scene I saw was fire crackers and fireworks. The noise it produce is very loud, in Malaysia, this is 'boleh'. We then had a small makan session after the praying at the cemetry.

Finally, any of my friends who like to join me in future for such trips, just let me know. 4 of us spent about RM200 on petrol and toll. Stay is free because we are staying at friends' bangalow.
This is the house we stayed at Tampin.

Fireworks at the cemetry


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