Sunday, January 17, 2010

My 1st Experience Working on Operation Redshirt

My First Experience Working on Operation Redshirt

It was a bright Sunday morning on 17 Jan 2010. I got up early and when for breakfast with my wife at the newly upgraded Telok Blangah Hawker Centre at around 8:30 am. I was there because of Operation Redshirt. About 100 of our Apex Club food recipients are receiving groceries and Hong Baos under the Operation Redshirt for the 1st time.

I was told the volunteers of Operation Redshirt will deliver groceries to Blk 5 Telok Blangah Crescent at 9:30 am on 17 Jan 2010. They will start the distribution at 10:15 am.

When I reached Blk 5 before 9:30 am, I saw a lorry and a lot of volunteers in Red Shirt were there unloading the groceries. Our own volunteers were also there to assist. They are Leslie, Joelle, Nicole, Sunny & wife, Rose, Michael and wife. This photo shows the groceries to be given away under this operation for the poor residents at Telok Blangah.

Operation Redshirt is very well organised after running it for 10 years. The advanced party team will deliver the packed groceries to the distributing point while the 2nd team giving out the groceries and deliver the groceries to the individual recipients are working at another location. By 10 am, the advanced party have completed their task and move on to another location while the 2nd team come and take over. After the advanced party completed their tasks, I had an opportunity to take a group photo with them.

The 2nd team arrive before 10:15 am to start the distribution and delivery. I met Peter Lim and have a chat with him. He is a very nice and friendly man with no 'air' at all. He is also a man who lead by example as you can see him in the photo in the queue with the rest of the volunteer from the 2nd team.

The head organiser, Cherie Lim, was also there supervising her volunteers. She and 5 other childhood friends started this project in year 2000. Today, the number has grown to 1,404 elderly poor in more than 10 locations. All have benefitted from this project. I am so happy to see so many people reaching out to help the poor in one way or another.

This Operation is also published in Straits Times on 16 Jan 2010 in page  B6.


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