Sunday, July 27, 2008

Story of Help Smart

Story of Help Smart

There was an old farmer leaving with a wife and 3 sons. He is quite rich at the time because he has 17 cows. One day he told his wife : If I died, you are to give our eldest son 1/2 of the 17 cows, the second son 1/3 of the 17 cows and the youngest son 1/9 of the 17 cows, with killing the cows. The wife does not know how to divide them according to what her husband wanted.

One day, the old farmer died, the widow was totally lost. Fortunately, she knew of a volunteer who leaves in the village. This volunteer has been helping people for many years. When she approached the volunteer, he to told her : That is easy, I have a cow with me, take my cow with you, your problem will be solved. The eldest son gets 1/2 of 18 cows, that is 9 cows. Your second son get 1/3 of 18 cows, that is 6 cows. And the youngest son get 1/9 of 18 cows, that is 2 cows. The widow also did not know that after adding 9 cows, 6 cows and 2 cows, the total is 17 cows. So she has an extra cow and decided to return it to the volunteer.

Everybody was so happy, not longer after the volunteer got back her cows, the cow that belong to the volunteer gave birth to 2 calfs.

The moral of the story is that we can be helping people, but with limited resources, we must also learn to Help Smart like the volunteer. In this case, he gave one cow to help solve a problem. In return, he get back 3 cows, how nice.

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