Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happiness Lies in No Anger

Happiness Lies in No Anger

Everybody seeks happiness, and the whole manking seeks world peace. But, because of the anger prevalent in all sentient beings, few people feel true happiness, and world peace seems an impossible mission.

Anger has the most destructive power among all negative emotions. Anger will afflict and weaken one's body and mind. On a larger scale, anger will harm or even destroy the world. Anger arises when one feels that something or someone is against his or her wish. Driven by anger, one will become aggressive, irritated, annoyed, etc. It is where conflict, dispute, disharmony, fighting, even killing or war will thus ensue.

How to deal with anger ?

We need to train ourselves over long periods of time to cease our anger. Try taking a long inhalation, go jogging, running, swimming or some other sports. You can also do yoga, qigong or other workouts to release tension and calm down the outburst of angry fire.


The benefit of no anger is countless. A lot has to do with the mind if you think carefully. If the mind is purified, we will be purified, then how to has anger ?

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