Sunday, April 20, 2008


If you look up in a dictionary for the word 'dowser', it says it is a noun which means a person who does searching for underground water or metals by a Y-shaped stick or rod.
What I am sharing here is another type of dowsing instrument, commonly used by dowser, I bought in Singapore. So far, I have bought two different types of dowsing instrument. One is made of copper and the other is made of quartz crystal. Below are the pictures of my dowsing instrument.

The top picture is my copper pendulum. One on the dowsing instrument is called a pendulum because it can swings. A pendulum can does 3 types of movement, ie clockwise turning, anti-clockwise turning and left/right or forward/backward movement.
Pendulum is easy to use and training is not required. How you use it is simply hold it with your master hand and let it freely suspended, above an object as shown in the above pictures. What I will do is to 'tell' the pendulum : Check the energy level of this object. You need not say out loud but just say it in your mind. Within seconds you will see the movement. You can check on almost any objects. For example, water, handphone, food, object which are blessed, etc. Anything with +ve energy, the pendulum will turn clockwise. Anything with -ve energy, it will turn anti-clockwise. If the energy level is neutral, it will move left and right or forward and backward. If you check handphone, it will be anti-clockwise because of the radiation. Mechanical watch will show clockwise and digital watch will show anti-clockwise rotation. Interestingly, when I check the drinking water taken from a tap, it showed -ve energy. After I pour it in the above glass with printed sutra on it, the water showed +ve energy.

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green said...

You are right to say that "dowser" is a noun and a person and the act of doing it is called "dowsing." The tool that a dowser used is called a "pendulum" and there are other dowsing tools like Y-rod,L-rods, bobber, etc. You are also right that no formal training is required if one is contented in just doing basic dowsing like checking water, food, etc. But the uses of dowsing are varied and endless, and there are many useful things that a pendulum can help a person to tap into his intuition and the universe. These are all energies that we cannot see with the naked eye. A word of caution here is there are also very strong negative energies that can seriously affect ignorant people. So learning the proper way of doing it is to protect oneself and also to follow certain important set-protocols, so that one can be assured of doing it rightly properly and have a peace of mind. Of course, we can learn from books but if you read certain books they will also advised that one seek out a teacher to learn safely and rightly. Usually, the teacher teaches from his own experiences and will be able to guide, correct and tell the students to practice it in the right and proper way. If everything can be learned from books, then schools, courses, and classses are not necessary anymore. Why then do enlightened spiritual Masters with good wisdom advise their students to learn from the Masters? Unless we are already fully enlightened, then we are already Masters and no training is required :) At the end of the day, it depends on how much dowsing a person wants to do and this is the determining point on whether training is required or not.